Kitchen Work Triangle

Why Are Some Kitchens Easy To Work In and Others Are Not. Is It The Work Triangle? - Another Design Secret Below!

[an error occurred while processing this directive] The phrase work triangle actually originated as a manufacturing process. Henry Ford, the car builder, organized his workforce so that they performed a specific set of actions within as small an area as possible to complete their part of the car building process.

Then architects got hold of the concept and adopted it to create rules for kitchen design.

The guideline sets ideal distances between the fridge, the sink and the cooker. There are, however, other aspects of this work triangle to consider ...

Design Ideas Tip. The fridge is the most visited kitchen appliance to place in the kitchen work triangle because everyone goes there for something. The children go there for ice pops, dad goes there for the cold beers; - everyone goes to the fridge! As a consequence the positioning of the fridge is very important and needs a lot of fore thought.

In the diagram below you can see that the "foot traffic" of everyone who goes through the kitchen can seriously comprimise safety around the cooker. Imagine family members coming in from the garden through the door on the right and bumping into someone carrying hot pans from the cooker positioned on the lower wall.

A kitchen floor plan that could result in accidents.

In the next example we show how swapping the cooker and fridge around can reduce the danger from foot traffic interfering with anyone working at the cooker, and actually places the fridge into the path of people who want the fridge for "non cooking" functions such as ice pops and cold beers!

The positioning of the fridge adjacent to the larder cupboard also keeps food storage items together which, as we will discuss later, also helps to improve the efficient working of a kitchen.

Diagram of a Kitchen Work Triangle

Now that the fridge position has been agreed, the other two kitchen work stations can be considered taking other factors into account.

Kitchen Health and Safety guidelines state that cookers should not be positioned under windows or next to doors. Therefore, the left hand wall is really the only wall available to position the cooker.

The sink could be moved to sit under the other window which means that anyone working there would have a view of the garden - if this is what is required.

The diagram below shows that this re-positioning of the sink will not affect the safety aspects of the work triangle.

The kitchen work triangle can make life in the kitchen so much easier.

However, it is not only the work triangle that creates a kitchen that is easy to work in.

A well designed kitchen will have specific work areas. Click on the link to see how specific work-stations are created after the work triangle positioning has been agreed.
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