Kitchen Work Stations

A Well Designed Kitchen Will Have a Number of Work Stations Set In a Sequential Order

[an error occurred while processing this directive] Just like a restaurant, a well designed kitchen will consist of work stations where specific functions can be performed without the risk of possible cross-contamination.

Let's look at each area and what would be in, or around it for perfect performance.

Cold and Dry Food Storage Area:

Cold storage will consist of the fridge, freezer and, the often under-rated and demolished, larder (north wall facing) for cool as opposed to cold storage.Dry storage comprising of base cabinets, wall cupboards, tall larder style cupboards.

Preparation and Food Washing Area:

Should have an adequate working surface (preferably granite), food mixer, scales, measuring containers, food washing facilities (space is not always available in many kitchens but great for reducing cross contamination between cooked and un-cooked foods), spice and herb rack, general cooking utensils, electrical sockets, adequate lighting.

Mixing and Cooking Area:

Consisting of kitchen appliances such as oven (gas, electric or dual fuel), hob, extractor fan (internal or external venting), microwave (preferably built in as it takes up worktop space), cupboard space for pots and pans, cooking utensils, spice and herb rack, cooker and general electrical sockets, gas terminal point (if gas used for any appliance), trivets or similar for laying down hot pans, fire extinguisher and/or fire blanket (80% of household fires start in the kitchen).

Serving Area:

Kitchen Countertop space, additional worktop space in the form of a "pull out" unit or small table, cupboards and draws for cutlery plates, dishes, tableware and glasses.

It's even better (but not always possible) to have these work stations in a sequential order.

The serving area should always be the closest area to where you eat - whether it is in the kitchen or through to a separate dining room.

Representaion of kitchen layout

See how in the above diagram the food storage area becomes the central work station as you will always be visiting this area throughout the food preparation process.

It is also important to consider the design aspect from a Kitchen Health & Safety position.
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