Kitchen Storage Solutions

[an error occurred while processing this directive] [an error occurred while processing this directive] There are two types of storage that require specific storage solutions in today's domestic kitchen. Dry storage and cold storage.

Dry: This consists of cabinets to contain food goods such as tins, pasta, cereals, etc.

Cold: The storage of cold or frozen products obviously incorporates use of the fridge and freezer kitchen appliances. In addition to this, if your kitchen still has a larder cupboard they are invaluable for the storage of items that need a cool environment.

Kitchen Design Tip ...

Try to keep all your storage areas together in one part of the kitchen.

This may seem an obvious statement but many a time we have come across kitchens with food stored in many different cabinets and different parts of the kitchen just to "fill the available space".

Kitchen Design Tip ...

Allocate as much space and money to as large a fridge as can be afforded.

You may have noticed that many condiments should be stored in a cool place after opening - this helps them keep longer; fruit and vegetables will also last longer in a fridge or larder. The American style fridge-freezers have been an absolute boon for storage of modern day packaged food.

Many people often remark that they do not have enough capacity in their cupboards to store pots, pans, crockery, small appliances, and other "stuff" that rarely gets used. This is often because the existing set-up is of the wrong type and in the wrong place.

One storage solution for using internal cupboard space more effectively is to install wire or wicker basket drawers instead of shelves. It's easier to get to the back of a cupboard space if you can pull it out towards you and, depending on the cupboard design, you may get more drawers.

Consider deep drawers for pots and pans but they are also available now as fridges drawer units that provide easier access to greater storage capacity.

Other storage solutions available from most manufacturers are full length larder cupboard pull-out units. These are specifically useful as all the contents of the cupboard will slide towards you making all the shelving space easily accessible.

Kitchen Storage Accessories can add heaps of extra room to your kitchen - take the time to research them and you will be amazed at what is available.

One of the biggest areas of poorly used space are Corner Kitchen Cabinets discover how to successfully use with area and bring more storage to your kitchen.

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