Small Kitchens

small kitchen Small Kitchens With Big Ideas! When you need to fit a lot of kitchen ware in - size does matter.

Do you want to create more working space from your remodeled kitchen?

Do you require more worktop space?

Do you require more space for storage and eating?

Unfortunately, the size of your kitchen is fixed - the walls are solid and you cannot create more space unless you extend the room physically.

However, we have more Design Ideas For Kitchens Tips below to help you review what you are doing with the available space in your small kitchen and create an appearance of more space.
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Is the Laundry in the Kitchen?
The washing machine and dryer take up heaps of kitchen space. Can they go elsewhere? Can the dryer go on top of the washing machine? Can they go in the bathroom? Is there space for a utility room (a porch over the back door perhaps)?

This will take some creative thought. But remember, the most important purpose of a kitchen - preparing meals. And you don't want to contaminate your food from some non-food related activity.

Cream Limed Kitchen Wall and base cabinets: You can choose wall cabinets that are taller (around 900mm) than a standard size cabinet. This will help you get the most out of the wall space for storage. You can place items on top of the wall cabinets but this can look cluttered - neat baskets or boxes may be a solution to this.

How long since you cleaned out your existing cabinets. I bet they are cluttered. Clutter seems to accumulate in the hard to get to areas of your kitchen cabinets; especially the kitchen corner cabinet. A good tidy up goes a long way to helping a small kitchen. Re ruthless - throw it out if you don't use it.

This thought process and activity of throwing out unused items often upsets some people. Get a friend to help if you feel you need some moral support

Worktop Space: Look at everything currently standing on your worktop and ask yourself, "Does it need to be there?" This guideline can make the small kitchen look more spacious. Can the item be stored in cabinet? Does it have to be in the kitchen? Can you add shelves to lift the items off the worktop to give you more working space?

Red Painted Kitchen Units Notice how this small kitchen red painted corner solution uses glass wall cabinet doors so that you can see where items are stored; hanging rails to take utensils off the work-space - but easy to reach; and a single bowl. Double or 1.5 bowls are not always necessary!

Another tip for small kitchens is to take notice of what is stored on the worktops.

Do bread bins have to be on show? Can the herbs be stored inside a cabinet on a door mounted spice rack? Better still install a herb garden outside and have fresh herbs.

Stop and look at your kitchen. Have a real look and you will be amazed to see areas where you can improve the storage and layout of your small kitchen. And for even more inspiration read this article on Small Kitchens Storage Solutions.

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