Small Kitchen Tables

[an error occurred while processing this directive] Small Kitchen Tables are ideal to maximise the space in a small kitchen or eating area. We have included this article below from our friends at who are specialists in real stone house wares including million year old fossil decor, illuminated onyx stone lighting and much more.

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Not everything in the kitchen has to be an immovable fixture. The best possible organization for a given event may be unique from any other, requiring a quick and easy way to rearrange the layout in the room in order to make it as efficient as possible.

Small kitchen tables and occasional tables are light and unobtrusive. They fit seamlessly into an arrangement, pushed up against a corner or nestled beside a counter, yet are portable enough that they can be easily moved into and out of storage.

Unobtrusive and useful, small kitchen tables also provide you with an infinite number of possibilities, giving you the freedom to fully customize your kitchen on a day to day basis, letting it evolve with whatever needs arise.


The things you need for various events will be different, requiring that you change the layout of the kitchen as necessary to optimize your efficiency during any given task. The small kitchen table, gives you the freedom to add or remove an element from this space easily, as it becomes necessary.

Purpose should always determine the organization of any room, especially in a center of activity such as the kitchen. If this space is heavily used for preparation of large amounts of food, you may want to add some small kitchen tables scattered around the corners to give you extra room to work. This should always be tempered however by the amount of room you have and the number of people occupying it. Extra tables may increase the efficiency of a single person, but end up tripping up additional helpers.

If the kitchen isn't heavily used for food preparation, then it may be better to organize it as a place to socialize. Removing excess tables and structures in the room will increase the flow of the space, making it subtly easier to move into and out of. Using small kitchen tables as bistro sets, creates a space which people can gather around to sit, talk, and snack, creating a natural social center amidst the decor of the kitchen.

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There is a distinctly artistic component to portable decor, that allows one to mold the space around them into an expression of their inner personalities. As you arrange the components of the room, slowly it will begin to reflect your inner personality based on the choices you make. If you are aware of this natural occurrence, you can dictate its path to some extent, choosing the ambiance and the feeling you want to evoke.

While layout will determine the actual functional use of the room, it will also determine the psychological ambiance of the space.

Choosing to fill the kitchen with tables, counters, islands, and services, to the exclusion of foot room, will not only block the flow of the space making it less inviting, it will also send a subtle message to everyone around you; the kitchen is yours, stay out.

On the other hand, having small kitchen tables with some chairs in a corner has the opposite effect, extending an invitation to enter the room, relax, and converse with you, possibly even lending a hand to whatever activity is being performed.

Further, with the wide variety of side tables, occasional tables, and other portable accessories available, it should be easy to find one which reflects your artistic vision.

A unique piece of home decor can put your mark on a room, making it undeniably yours. In this way, you can create a space which is molded to you, and in which you feel completely comfortable.


As you move the various tables about your kitchen, pay attention to those arrangements which work and those which don't. If a particular setup is obtrusive, or annoying, make a mental note of it.

On the other hand if something works particularly well, don't be afraid to make it a semi-permanent part of the room. By diligently discarding bad ideas, and remembering the good ones, you will slowly evolve a room which is perfect for you. The room will not only reflect you artistically, but functionally as well, providing a comfortable and easy space in which to work and relax.

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