Small Kitchen Designs

[an error occurred while processing this directive] Small Kitchen Designs With Big Ideas! Size matters when you want to cram lots of functionality into a small kitchen!

Create more working space from our inspirational small kitchen remodeling ideas below.

Do you want to gain more countertop space, more storage space, more space to eat, space for the pet, etc?

Unless you extend your small kitchen physically, it takes some creative planning to improve the functionality and produce a great look and feel to the space.

Look no further; we have more small kitchen remodeling ideas below to help you consider some design aspects of the available space.

For example, small kitchen tables can be created from using counter top extensions, or by installing pull-out tables.

Laundry equipment: A washing machine and a dryer (if you have both) take up around 600mm per appliance. That's 1200mm for both. You may want to invest in a dual function washer/dryers. Small kitchen designs will not necessarily be any less expensive when it comes to purchasing appliances; quite the opposite!

Can the washing machine be sited elsewhere? Would the dryer fit on top of the washing machine? Is the bathroom big enough to house the washing machine? Or may be a large cupboard?

This takes some real thought and remember, the primary function of a kitchen is for the preparation of food. Cross contamination from any soiled items or other non-food related cleaning activity may be the source of serious infections!

small kitchen remodeling ideas Small Kitchen Ideas for Wall and base cabinets:
One of the best small kitchen designs ideas is to choose wall cabinets that are taller (around 900mm) than a standard size cabinet. This maximises the use of wall space for storage. Some people place items on top of wall cabinets. This has the same affect of finding a place to store stuff but can make the kitchen look cluttered.

Look inside your existing cupboards and discover what is there. Is there internal clutter?

You may find most of the clutter in the hard to get at areas of cabinets - especially the corner kitchen cabinet that only have one entry door. Also, look at the top shelves of the highest cupboards; are there items that have never been used? Or, worse still, are there food items that have passed their "use by" dates.

It is amazing how much space is taken up by items that are never used. So, another small kitchen remodeling ideas is to a ask yourself, do you really need the item? This is a great opportunity to de-clutter.

This idea of throwing out unused items often upsets some people. If you need some moral support, get a friend or relative to help you.

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Countertop Space in Small Kitchen Designs: Look at everything currently standing on your counter top space and ask yourself, "Does it need to be there?" This is another one of our small kitchen remodeling ideas to create more space. Can the item be stored in a cupboard (above or below)? Does it have to be in the kitchen at all? If it is an appliance, such as a microwave, can it be built-in? Can you add shelves to lift the items off the countertop to give you more working space?

Red Painted Small Kitchen Designs Notice how this small kitchen designs red painted corner solution uses glass wall cabinet doors so that you can see where items are stored; hanging rails to take utensils off the countertop - but easy to reach; and a single washing bowl. Double or 1.5 bowl sinks are not always necessary!

Do food containers have to be on show though? Can the herbs be stored inside a cupboard on a door mounted spice rack? Many herbs and spices should be stored in a dark and dry environment to stop them loosing their flavour.

For more small kitchen design ideas to maximise your space, see the Small Kitchens Storage Solutions section by clicking on this link.

Try to look at your existing kitchen with new eyes and you may be surprised to see things that had not occurred to you before.

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