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kitchen taps

The design and available product ranges of Sinks and Taps, have increased very rapidly in the last few years. Every time we visit a trade show we are amazed at the new designs and innovation being announced by manufacturers.

1.5 bowl sink It doesn't seem that long ago when one-and-a-half bowl kitchen sinks were new to the UK market. In the USA they had been using this type of sink forever. Why? Because they use waste disposal units as a standard kitchen sink utility.

However, in Europe, the sales of waste disposal units are minimal in comparison - but we still purchase sinks that will accept the fitting of such a gadget.

Now that we should be recycling our waste more, a waste disposal unit becomes very useful to start the composting process of food and other bio degradable kitchen waste.

bronze colour sink

Here's an idea to determine your requirements for the use of sinks in your new kitchen!

Could you take this opportunity to separate general washing from food washing? If your kitchen incorporates laundry washing, you can reduce the risk of cross contamination from soiled clothing to food items.

How to organise kitchen work stations is an important consideration in your kitchen planning.

stainless steel shaped sink

There are basically three types of sink that are fitted to worktops:

Self-rimming: the rim of the sink unit sits on top of the worktop and the bowls (or bowls) drop into a hole cut into the worktop.

Under-mounted: (see picture above) these are installed under the worktop with the drainer area generally being incorporated into the worktop itself.

Integral: integral sinks are made out of the same material as the worktop and is fused to it, creating a seamless transition. Stainless steel, solid surface, and composite materials are generally flexible enough to be used for this type of sink.

[an error occurred while processing this directive] Here are some questions you might want to consider when choosing your Sinks and Taps:

Do you want to wash and/or rinse dishes in the sink?

Would you like a vegetable chopping board across the sink to provide extra food preparation space?

Do you need more than one sink?
See our comments above about separating food washing from general washing activity.

Do the new sink(s) need to be in the same place as currently positioned? Please check with a plumber to assess the water and drainage implications of moving this work station.

Do you want the sinks and taps to make a design statement; if so, what will that statement be?

What type of sink installation do I prefer; self-rimming, under-mounted, or integral?

What material do you want the sink to be made of?

Do you prefer a single, double, or triple bowl?

Will the taps be separate for hot and cols water, or will they be dual function?

Do you fill the kettle and pans from the tap and therefore should it be tall even for my biggest pan?

Do you want a separate tap for filtered water?

Would you like to incorporate a spray within the tap?

What kind of handle style would you like - single lever or dual controls; curved or straight lines?

Are there any special requirements from the tap handles to accommodate weak or arthritic hands.

Ensure you research your kitchen worktop to help assess your requirements when choosing kitchen sinks and taps.

The more thought you put into your needs and wants for the new kitchen sinks and taps, the less purchasing mistakes will be made thereby saving you time and money, and you will finish up with the kitchen you truly dreamed of ... enjoy.

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