Kitchen Rugs

Complete Your Kitchen With An Area Rug

[an error occurred while processing this directive] Kitchen floors can be a problem, especially in older homes with a broad expanse of boring tile or marble. It can be a real challenge trying to use an area rug to enhance and improve your kitchen flooring, unlike other areas of the home; we need to consider safety and hardiness of any rug we want to use in this busy area of living space.

A kitchen can be a dangerous place, hot pans, sharp knives and dangerous electronic appliances, not to mention the fact that in many homes the kitchen is the busiest room in the house. When considering using an area rug in this space, it is important to consider any negative safety impact and address any concerns. Firstly, if the rug is being laid onto a tile or marble floor, you need to make sure it cannot slip a rug with a rubber or similar substance as a backing would be best. Also keep it low profile, making it less likely that somebody will trip over it whilst carrying a hot pan or carrying a sharp knife. Also think about positioning, is it really wise to put a probable source of accident right in the middle of the room?

So taking these safety factors into consideration, how can we best use a rug to enhance our kitchen decor? Number one on the list just has to be the concept of blurring the edges of what is normally a very starkly lit and almost clinically clean room. By placing smaller rugs in doorways and entrances to other parts of the home, we are blurring the boundaries and blending the edges of the kitchen, making it less stark. If you have a breakfast bar or a table in your kitchen, consider adding a rug to this area, to make it feel more like a living space and less like a cooking area.

Braided rugs are a great addition to the country style kitchen; they bring with them a sense of warmth and comfort that only a quality braided rug can. Choose a rug to match the color of your kitchen; you will be surprised at the range of colors. My favorites are this bright yellow braided rug for a fresh look, this red braided rug for interest or this green braided area rug for soothing appeal. No matter what color you choose it will finish off your country style kitchen.

yellow braided area rug close up of red rug green rugs make the kitchen look crisp

Kitchen rugs need to be very hard wearing, and it is essential that they are both stain resistant and can be cleaned. Avoid natural fibers such as wool and silk, instead go for manmade materials such as polyester and nylon, these can stand up to the rigors of the working environment far better and are usually cheaper to replace if that bowl of bolognaise can't be cleaned out. Some rugs come pre-treated with coating that are designed to make sure they will not carry a stain once they have been cleaned; these types are preferential for use in the kitchen. Any rug you choose needs to be movable, so don't choose a heavy rug that is likely to soak up a large volume of liquid. Kitchens need to be kept clean so the rug will need to be moved frequently to facilitate this.

Many people ignore their kitchen floor, believing it is a necessary evil, and that there is little that can be done to improve its stark expanse. This is simply not true, effective and sensible use of one or more area rugs can transform this workhorse floor space into an attractive feature.

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