Kitchen Lighting

[an error occurred while processing this directive] Kitchen lighting is the one area of decor where you can easily change the mood of the room at the flick of a switch.

Inspirational lighting design for your kitchen will add the finishing touch required to add the WOW factor when friends and relatives visit.

The best lighting designs have three set-ups:

Main lights; centrally positioned to give an overall brightness to the room; these can be pendant lights, fluorescent lighting, or kitchen track lighting all fitted directly to the ceiling.

Detailed or task lighting; generally fitted under a kitchen cabinet to light up the working area below. It is best practice to use low-voltage lighting fixtures for this style of design. When considering kitchen island lighting, be aware of any sources of heat being emitted from the island space. This will obviously affect the kitchen island lighting units. Most designs include pendant lights which can look spectacular and can add to the mood of the kitchen lighting design if switched separately.

Mood lighting for the kitchen; this can be achieved by installing dimmer switches on the main lights; or, rope lighting can be installed under the base kitchen cabinets and in front of the plinth to provide a carpet of light across the floor (great to highlight a beautiful floor); a great design option is to use antique kitchen lights - especially when positioned as a center piece. Alternatively, a cheaper option is to use candles - the small night light candles are ideal.

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