Kitchen Island Design Ideas

[an error occurred while processing this directive] small kitchen with island Kitchen Island Design Secret Tip. Island units can create a great social area when entertaining but they need a generous amount of space around them for access.

You can add cooking and eating functionality into the island unit but don't forget that cooking appliances need gas and electric services to be run to them. These will probably have to be run under the ground with possible maintenance access.

Without wall, or overhead units, the overall effect can be light, airy, and uncluttered but this will obviously restrict the amount of kitchen storage capacity.

A lot of thought and planning is required to make island units work and look great!

mahogany kitchen with island

Notice how much space there is between the island and the appliances on the left. Doors to appliances need to be able to open fully (plus maintenance space if required) and there must be additional space for health and safety reasons. The fridge on the left is a huge American style fridge / freezer. Lots of door opening space required!

Also, if you want to incorporate an eating area and cooking facilities within an island design, plenty of space between the seating area and the cooking area must be created to stop people being able to touch hot pans or being splashed by scalding fat. A seated person will need around 1000mm of space to accommodate the chair and being able to pull it out.

So, when seated at an island with no appliances behind the seated person, allow around 1000mm to 1500mm of space. If there is an appliance behind the seated person, add another 1000mm to 1500mm for safety and access purposes.

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white slab kitchen with island

Check the health and safety aspects of kitchen islands.

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