Kitchen Details that...
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The heart of every home has always, and will always, be the kitchen. It is where we prepare the days meals for our families, help the children with their home work, and linger over drinks when entertaining company. It comes as no surprise then that the typical American family spends a great deal of the families' decorating budget on the kitchen area of their home using solid wood cabinetry, granite countertops, and natural stone flooring.

But all too often after completing the architectural elements of the kitchen, home owners find that the area still looks unfinished and not quite like the stunning images in the kitchen design magazines. What are you missing? The details. Details are what will complete your kitchen decor theme and give your room that Wow! Factor like those in the many interior design magazines.

Start with countertop appliances. If your kitchen doesn't have special storage spaces for the appliances, such as the countertop garages, they can leave the countertops looking cluttered and unorganized. Purchase quality blenders, toasters...etc. to match your key kitchen appliances such as the refrigerator and dishwasher. If your appliances are stainless steel and black, keep them all stainless steel and black.

The only variance to this would be if you are using a popular accent color such as red. If this is the case, just be sure to buy the appliances all at the same time so that you are not facing a situation where the color you bought is no longer popular and not available.

More than likely, you are going to have some sort of hard surface in your kitchen whether it is linoleum, wood, or stone. These materials are ideal to the function of the kitchen but can be cold and overly monochromatic. To warm up the feel of your kitchen while adding a significant detail, choose small rugs that will compliment the décor of the room while remaining easy to clean. This can be a braided American country style rug to an Oriental runner in a galley kitchen. Place rugs at least in front of the two areas of the kitchen used most for sustained periods of time: in front of the sink and the stove.

Our Favorite Braided Area Rugs

Green Hooked Rug

This green hooked and braided rug named Rhody Evergreen will complement any green based kithchen and add an air of 'fun'.

Black Braided Area Rug

For a stunning statement try this black braided area rug named Rhody Tapestry Black it is sure to be a standout in your kitchen.

Blue Braided Area Rug

A blue braided area rug can add an atmosphere of tranquility to your room. This rug named Rhody Millennium Periwinkle is sure to complement your kitchen flooring.

The third detail that should not be forgotten is the window treatments. Nothing kills a beautiful décor faster than a forgotten window that is often the focal point of the room. In the kitchen, you want the window treatments to be able to open and close as needed as well as being easy to clean. Use a combination of quality blinds and fabrics to create a layered look that will also help reduce energy cost in the home by establishing insulation layers between the elements and your kitchen.

After you have completed the architectural elements of your kitchen, and then taken notice to the often overlooked countertop appliances, kitchen window treatments, and floor décor, your dream kitchen will be complete. By not forgetting to these minor details, your kitchen will come to life with those touches not forgotten by the professional Interior Designers in the décor magazines.

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