Kitchen Design Plans

How To Plan a Kitchen - Great Kitchen Design Ideas Made Easy

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Inspirational Kitchen Designs, remodeling advice, and technical information are all available here at the Design Centre.

Follow this easy step-by-step process to discover how to convert your dreams and ideas into beautiful and functional kitchen plans.

Kitchen Ideas Tip

Cut out magazine pictures of design ideas for kitchens you like and want to copy. Seek out a good kitchen designer to help you transfer these ideas into a working kitchen ideas board.

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We have an article on kitchen planning guide you may want to consider at the start of your home improvement project. Click on the picture or the link above to find out what kitchen remodeling ideas you may not have considered.

To give you some visual ideas and tips, our Kitchen Photo Gallery provides some inspirational kitchen designs for you to include in your floor plans.

A vital step in planning your kitchen is to understand the kitchen work triangle - get this right and your kitchen will work wonderfully; get it wrong and the kitchen just won't function quite right. It is all to do with your kitchen work stations being positioned correctly.

Kitchen Islands and peninsular tables are very popular. They help to bring the living area into the kitchen environment but there are practical points to bear in mind when choosing this option.

We have some great hints and tips about the best Kitchen Appliances for you to consider. Especially important with a small kitchen in which space will be a premium. Click on the link to review your options.

More shopping choices to make when deciding what Countertops and Worktops to have installed. Not only is there a great choice of materials from laminate to glass but also the color options have to be seen to be believed. Try to have your color scheme finalised beforehand to help you sort your way through the possibilities.

When talking to the Electrician, check on the ranges available for Kitchen Lighting options. Everything from recessed ceiling lights for an overall lighting effect to under cabinet light units to provide specific task lighting. Click on the link to discover how to create different effects for modern kitchen living.

Finally, our Kitchen Decorating Ideas will give your kitchen those Finishing Touches that transfroms it from 'good' to 'great' - 'nice' to 'stunning'.

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