Kitchen Accessories

Can Be Used To Complete Those Finishing Touches As Well As Provide Extra Storage ... You Decide

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Kitchen Design Ideas Monthly Review.

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pull out kitchen table

The Pull-out Table is always very useful. This can be used in small kitchen designs where space is at a premium. It provides temporary work space for preparing food or an extra serving area. It fits into the top of a base cabinet - where a draw would normally be fitted - just under the work-top.

kitchen pullout storage unit The space under the sink is often cluttered with a waste bin (or bins if you recycle) and general cleaning items.

One great product to use in this area is a pull-out detergent storage draw.

The picture shows one that pull out independently of the cupboard door although some suppliers have units that extend as the door is opened .. a bit more expensive of course!

kitchen peninsular table

A single peninsular leg is used here to add some extra work space. In the smallest of kitchens, planning to incorporate accessories like this can make so much difference to the efficient use of space.

The setting below shows many examples of how to accessorise a kitchen and dining area. This particular kitchen has had a Feng Shui practitioner place everything to the rules and guidelines of this ancient Chinese art.


Choosing American style Fridges and freezers, need not be a daunting task.
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