Herb Gardening Ideas

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Discover little known information on growing herbs indoors and learn about herb gardening.

You will see all the herbs we have listed on the left; just click on each link to find a description, a brief history of the herb, the best cultivation methods and some different uses for each herb.

Historically, and more recently, it has been claimed that herbs have healing properties to address such health issues as; cholesterol, acne, arthritis, hair loss, diabetes, anxiety - even cancer.

Herbs can generally be defined as 'aromatic' or 'culinery' and some of them fall into both categories.

This is due either to a natural oil within the plant or to other chemicals or substances peculiar to the individual species.

Many herbs have pleasing odours so they have been called 'sweet' and others, through trial and error, have been long used in cookery to add their characteristic flavors to soups, stews, dressings, sauces and salads so they becam known as 'culinary' seasonings.


It seems probable that many of the herbs we use now were also known before the erection of the pyramids and also that many plants that were popular then no longer appear in modern culninery lists.

Of course, this statement is based largely upon imperfect records but it seems safe to conclude that a good number of the herbs discussed here, especially those native to the Mediterranean region, were available in the Orient. This idea stems from the fact that many Eastern cultures still use many herbs that we in the West often refer to as troublesome weeds.

Relying upon Biblical records alone, several herbs were highly regarded; in the gospels of Matthew and Luke reference is made to tithes of mint, anise, rue, cummin and other "herbs"; and, more than 700 years previously, Isaiah speaks of the sowing and threshing of cummin which, since the same passage (Isaiah xxviii, 25) also speaks of "fitches" (vetches), wheat, barley and "rie" (rye), seems then to have been a valued crop.

Herb Varieties

Here is a short list of some of the more popular herbs you can grow for your kitchen.
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