Safety In The Kitchen

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Planning Your Kitchen With Health and Safety In Mind

kitchen safety Health & Safety In The Kitchen

Many health and safety issues are plain common sense. However, too many accidents and fires happen in the kitchen each year and there are some basic guidelines that just may stop you from becoming one of those statistics.

Don't place cookers or hobs under a window, serving hatch or next to a door. These are all areas that people lean across or rest against - not wise if the cooker or hob is hot!

Don't position ovens and fridges/freezers next to each other. Unless very well vented the heat from the oven will make the motor work harder in the fridge and it will burn out. This is more of a planning safely rather than a health and safety tip but a fridge that is not working correctly can certainly turn into a health problem!

Try not to place the fridge in a corner. Fridge doors need to open beyond the normal 90 to allow shelf units to be taken out for cleaning.

Don't place a hob or cooker too close to the sink, it should be at least 600mm away. This has more to do with hot fat and water mixing than electricity and water. Hot fat explodes when it comes in contact with water (fire risk).

Always have a fire blanket near the oven. Hot fat fires are extinguished by smothering them and thereby depriving the flames of oxygen.

Do not position the fridge in an area where you are likely to be transferring hot pans or plates through your working sequence. The last thing you want is children visiting the fridge for ice pops and walking across your working area. Try and place the fridge in an area where the "traffic flow" of people will not affect too much of the working space in the kitchen.

Consider what kind of flooring you will install. Non slip tiles are good - easy to clean. Try not to use mats.
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