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[an error occurred while processing this directive] A picture paints a thousand words and our gallery will inspire you with ideas of what could be done with some simple touches.

Please be aware that many photos presented in magazines and supplier brochures are set-up studio shots ... and ours are no different. Sorry for the let down!

In our experience, many of the set-up shots have design and placement elements that do not adhere to industry guidelines and regulations.

However, the best way to use these kind of photos is to take ideas of colour schemes, design elements, and use of accessories to build your dream look and feel.

We will help you by discussing the photos we have included in this site to point out specific aspects of design and kitchen planning.

For example, to see some ideas of small kitchens and our comments regarding the best use of space.

beech kitchen So, let's take a stroll around the gallery to see what ideas and inspiration we can pick up - all free of charge, what could be better?

Bold use of black worktops and backsplash tiling provides great contrast with the beech kitchen cabinets.

range cooker

Talking of bold - if you're going to have a commercial style range cooker installed, you may as well make a feature of it!

white kitchen

Above. Lots of little kitchen decorating ideas here to get you thinking. The black backsplash. The breakfast bar incorporated into the sink area. The dark flooring to contrast with the white units but compliment the black tiling. The great use of space in the background with an area for making tea and coffee.

tangerine kitchen - high gloss
tangerine kitchen cabinets

If it's bold you want, it's bold you get by, not only using a tangerine colour for the cabinet doors, but also making them in high gloss!

Also, note the use of stainless steel to compliment the oven and cooker hood.

To ensure that inspirational ideas are practical for your specific circumstances, check out the kitchen health and safety issues for correct positioning of kitchen appliances.

There are more gallery photos at the kitchen island ideas section.
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