Kitchen Decorating Ideas

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In this section we will discuss kitchen lighting, tiles and backsplash ideas, flooring, decorating ideas, and how to "theme" your kitchen.

Kitchen Lighting : check out our section on how to use different lighting techniques that will turn your kitchen into a magazine style setting.

Home cooking and the number of TV programmes featuring both famous and celebrity chefs have grown massively over recent years. Along with this has grown the market for high quality cooking and dining products.

Click on this link to our kitchen cookware section where you will discover a comprehensive range of cooking and dining products including the leading brand names used by the top TV chefs.

See how, in this picture, three main elements have brought together; the turquoise backsplash tiles, the wooden floor, the dark worktop, and the great use of light. Very simple, very effective.

kitchen design ideas We have witnessed many-a-kitchen that manage to miss the "wow" factor due to the finishing touches not being quite co-ordinated or missing completely.

What a shame this is; after all the money and effort expended to renew one of the most important rooms in the house!

Decorating Ideas: One of the trends over the last few years has been to reduce the amount of "hard" décor such as tiles or a solid backsplash and substitute it for painted surfaces or wallpaper. Now remember, this room is going to get greasy and steamy so be sure that these types of surfaces are recommended for the kitchen. You'll be spending more money in no time at all when wrongly chosen products are placed in such environments.

It will also be quick and easy to change the look of the room by just painting the wall and/or ceiling surfaces.

Furniture: Many kitchens have a table where the family eats at. These can be an attractive addition and many opt for a timber table. But a new trend is glass. A glass table can be very attractive and due to it's clear top gives the illusion of more space. If you are interested in decorating with a glass table, then read this interesting guide on how to select the right type of glass tables from all the stores on the internet.

Flooring: Sometimes the condition of the existing floor often dictates the choice of new coverings. If the room is small, steer clear of patterns as these tend to reduce the appearance of size. Be aware of the amount of "foot traffic" that the floor is likely to suffer over the coming years and buy a product that will cope with the worse scenario.
It is important that you ask yourself the right questions and consider your choice carefully. We have found an excellent website that can help you answer those questions and give you the confidence to make the right choice for your kitchen floor.

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finishing touches Accessories: Our main advice on accessorising any room is, use one or two main features only; don't accessorise with loads of little items because you're just getting back to clutter.

Use a quality piece such as a vase, an area rug, or sculpture to provide a talking point; people will be more impressed with one expensive item than see a load of knick-knacks.

This item can also be used to introduce an accent colour to the room; for example, one exotic plant holder with an orchid holds the attention more than a large number of general house plants.

See how, in the picture above, that the clever use of a vase of flowers taken from the bush directly outside the window brings the accent colour inside. For more clever ideas take a look at our Kitchen Details article.

For more information on using rugs in your kitchen take a look at our "Kitchen Rugs" article.

kitchen finishing touches shelves
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