DIY Kitchens

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This section on DIY kitchens contains everything you must know about planning, and installing your kitchen. We have many years of working in the home improvement and installation marketplace and we have highlighted the pitfalls that many house owners fall into when embarking on a major project such as replacing an old kitchen.

This information could save you thousands of pounds in wasted time and materials by taking you through a few simple steps and giving you the insider knowledge that the professionals will keep from you.

Whether you are embarking on a DIY kitchen to sell your house, refurbishing an old kitchen, or going for a complete remodel and installation, you will find all the information you need to keep your project on track and within budget.

Know Your Limits There is more and more legislation governing home improvement projects that your Local Authority is enforcing partly due to Directives from the EU and partly because of previously accepted poor quality standards of workmanship by the

Please understand what your DIY limits are with regard to competency and legality.

We will guide you through the difficulties of gas, water, electrical and drainage regulations and guidelines and, whilst being as up to date as possible, it cannot keep pace with the forever changing world of Government and Local Authority legislation. You must always seek legal or professional advice if you are in any doubt whatsoever concerning work to be carried out in your home.

Ensure your DIY kitchens conform to Health and Safety guidelines. So check them out here.

Installing gas piping and appliances should not be attempted by unqualified fitters - including the DIYer! Bring yourself up-to-date on the current Gas Regulations by clicking on this link.

Have you heard of "Part P" Electrical Regulations? It affects us all - especially when it comes to sell your house. Click here to learn what you can and can't do within the Electrical Guidelines.

And finally, many DIY kitchens can develop water and drainage problems after they are finished. This causes extra work and expense because a lot of the pipe-work is obviously not accessible.

Help yourself now by understanding what can go wrong and how to avoid the many pitfalls encountered with Water and Drainage Guidelines. Click here.

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