Kitchen Design Center

[an error occurred while processing this directive] At the Design Centre you will discover great kitchen ideas and professional tips to put the WOW into your kitchen design. From the technical aspects of planning and layout to Eco kitchen products and services. If you need to plan your kitchen to accommodate less-abled users, we have all the information you need here.

Design Centre Tip


Know what your kitchen is going to look like in your head and gradually get the ideas down on paper - seek out a good kitchen designer if you need help with this. Alternatively, we have listed the questions a professional designer would ask you. Click on the picture to find out what elements of your kitchen design you may not have considered.

Kitchen Gallery . To give you some visual ideas and tips our Gallery provides some inspirational design ideas for you to include in your kitchen.

Kitchen Islands and peninsular tables are very popular. They help to bring the living area into the kitchen environment. There are practical hints and tips here as well as some design ideas.

Kitchen Work Areas within your kitchen should be created to allow an easy flow of all the activities that go on to create great meals for your family and friends.

Kitchen Working Triangle . This section will show you where to place specific appliances in your kitchen and help you establish a sound working process and create an efficient use of space.

Kitchen Cabinets obviously come in all sorts of sizes and materials. The choice of construction quality is what we discuss in this section as well as space utilisation.

Kitchen Storage Solutions should be considered along with your decisions on the Kitchen Cabinets to be installed. Storage Solutions should be practical and elegant.

Kitchen Corner Cabinets can waste space as well as become great areas for maximising your storage capacity. Find some useful ideas and tips here.

Kitchen Accessories can make the difference when it comes to getting everything packed away and out of sight. Great space enhancing ideas for you to consider here.

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