Corner Kitchen Cabinet

[an error occurred while processing this directive] This section on corner kitchen cabinets will help you solve a space problem that occurs in most kitchens - what to store in the corner cabinet and which corner cabinet solution fits this requirement.

Let us, first of all, show you the two basic configurations for base corner units.

1000mm Corner Cabinets

Kitchen corner cabinets diagram

Above. This first solution demonstrates how to fit a 1000mm base unit as a corner kitchen cabinet. Note the gaps that should be left against the side wall and the adjacent unit. The difficulty with this configuration is, what to store in the area of the kitchen cabinet that is difficult to get to.

Corner cupboard showing just how much you can store when you use the right type of corner cabinet This unit is ideal for fitting into an existing 800-1000mm wide corner cabinet unit. All four chrome wire baskets slide out on a easy flow mechanism to allow great access to loads of corner space.Cheaper models tend to break down after excessive use so we recommend you spend a little more for better constructed mechanisms.

For more information on this great space saving corner cabinet solution, go to Herbert Direct. You will also find information on other kitchen storage products.

Single Corner Cabinets

Diagram of a single kitchen corner cabinet

Above. This configuration is a lot simpler than the first. There are a number of benefits to this set-up.

1. They are generally easier to install.

2. Internal storage units such as carousels are cheaper and easier to fit.

3. Access to the storage space tends to be easier.

There is a trend from some suppliers to make this style of corner kitchen cabinet a real feature by rounding off the front of the unit with a curved sliding door. They can look great in the right setting. They're expensive and they create interesting conversations with friends and relatives at parties!

The main rules for corner kitchen cabinets are:

Decide what you are going to store inside them.

How often will you want to get to these items?

From the two answers above, decide on the kitchen cabinet solution that best suits your requirements.

Visit the Kitchen Installation section for help and guidance on the technical aspects of fitting kitchen cabinets. You will also find some great information on what to consider when looking at your gas, water, and electrical requirements.

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