American Style Fridge Freezers

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American-style fridge freezers also know as side-by-side refrigerator or side-by-side fridge freezer. They are thus named because they consist of a refrigerator and a freezer but instead of the traditional one on top of the other configuration they are placed beside each other with each having it's own swinging door.

The choice of American Style Fridge Freezers has vastly improved over the last few years which can make the task of selecting the model that is right for your needs a daunting one.

Is a side by side fridge freezer right for your kitchen?

They are generally larger than the more traditional models so if you are installing a new fridge into an old kitchen will it fit? And will you have room to move around it?

Many come with an ice maker and cold water. Thus you will need to have it plumbed in, so is it near pipes or are they easy to run.

An American Style Fridge Freezer will be a focal point in your kitchen - the imposing size for one makes it stand out. Is your kitchen able to cope with that visually?

American Style Fridge Freezer Features

Disadvantages of the American Style Fridge Freezer

These US style fridge freezers are very popular and can certainly make a "statement" in your kitchen. And by opting for an integrated fridge you can instantly have that modern look you see in all the home style magazines.

An integrated fridge is simply on that matches your own cabinets. It's just a matter of changing the outer skin of the door to match your cabinetry.
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